Optimize Instagram Bio

Optimizing your Instagram biography (the small introductory section at the top of your profile, including your username and photo) is essential for making a solid impression and attracting the right audience. Here are some tips and visual breakdowns to help you optimize your Instagram Biography:

1. Username:

Choose a username that is easy to remember and relevant to your brand or personal identity. Avoid using special characters or numbers that might confuse people. Make sure your username across ALL social platforms is the same. You never know where your traffic may come from, make it easier for your audience to find you.

2. Profile Picture:

Use a clear and recognizable profile picture. Typically, a headshot or a logo, depending on whether you’re an individual or a business. Make sure this image is aesthetically captivating so as you engage on the platform; your picture will spark interest to click on your page. 

3. Name:

Your name field should reflect your actual name or the name of your business. This is the text that appears just below your profile picture. If it fits, you can also add your industry or title beside your name.

4. Begin Biography

Write a concise and engaging sentence that clearly explains who you are or what your business is about. Use keywords related to your niche or interests. Think: Elevator Pitch 

5. Your Why?

Write a concise and engaging sentence about what you do, your “why”, or who you serve. Think of who your targeted audience is and scale them down to one line here.

6. Humble Brag

This is where you brag! Highlight your recent accolade, accomplishment, or career/industry award. What makes you an expert in your field.

7. CTA

Pitch a call to action or CTA that encourages new followers to visit your website or weblink offer. Remember, you do not own your social media page. Try to gain as much traffic off of socials as possible. Great to offer a “freebie” to entice new members to join

8. Location (Optional)

Location, location, location! If you only work online, this step may not be as necessary, but if you have any service-based product, brand, or company, add WHERE you are. Remember that everyone may need to learn your story, and adding location allows future clients to pinpoint if they can easily book your services for their needs. Yes, we all want to be “flewed out” but most clients are budget-based and transportation may be a massive factor for them.

9. Branded Hashtag

Every brand and business should have its own personal hashtag. Add the one you use the most here for branding. Don’t overthink this; it can simply be your business name. 

10. Website

Link to your website that WORKS. Make sure you test your weblinks and “walk” your websites often to verify your website is user-friendly, catches any errors, and every service is within three clicks on your site. Include a clickable link to your website or a landing page. You can use tools like Canva website to showcase multiple links if needed. Get the look of “linktree” without losing the engagement. You want your followers on something you OWN.

These 10 easy steps will have your Instagram page looking professional and encourage new followers to engage. You’re an expert in your field, your social media should look like it.

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