Social Media Basics



Insider tips to Instagram for organic growth. I’ve created viral content for myself as a plus-size fashion blogger for years. Incorporating visuals that showcase personality, knowledge, and relatable humor I’ve grown my platforms in followers and customers.


Instagram Focused! We also cover some basic Apple iPhone functions to assist in this mini session. Allow me to be your social media bestie, who has all the tea!

  • Work the basic functions to your social media – navigation, settings, and view
  • Current rules to Instagram
  • iPhone Features to Assist in filming quality
  • Tips to Create Content easily from your cellphone
  • Equipment needed
  • Apps to use
  • Algorithm Hacks
  • Systems needed and backend prep, in case you go viral
  • How to create content without taking up a lot of time
  • Find relevant hashtags
  • Trending sounds
  • How to multi-purpose items to fit across all of your social media platforms
  • Streamline your social media pages
  • List of “must have’s” for every social page offered
  • E-Book with Terms


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