following My Dreams, One Project At A Time

I have a passion for visuals that ignites a creative fire within me, driving me to capture the world’s stories through dynamic frames and evocative compositions. The thrill of transforming ordinary scenes into captivating narratives fuels my relentless pursuit of the perfect shot.

What’s YOUR Passion?

Tiffany Smith is the creator of #ByTiffanySmith, a resource for learning valuable information related to social media. Influencers, established brands, and small business owners utilize Tiffany’s expertise to navigate through their businesses and growing their audiences.

Tiffany’s story started in 2012 when she was pursuing a fashion blogging career under the name of BeauTIFFullyme. Dedicating her platform to empowering women to live at their heightened potential, Tiffany showcased her fashion outfits and hacks to her social media pages. Beautiffullyme Blog was a reflection of Tiffany’s creative journey through fashion, family, and wellness. What started as sharing simple fashion DIY tips grew into a multifaceted business and beaming Youtube success.

In February 2020, Ahmaud Arbery’s tragic death rocked our nation. In support of Black Lives Matter and Awareness; Tiffany created a few social media posts with instructions on how to support these causes. Due to Tiffany’s support of racial justice, Instagram + Facebook banned Tiffany’s social media accounts and labeled them as “terrorist” pages. At the time, social media was a major source for partnerships, clients, and sales. Hurt and devastated, Tiffany decided to make a complete change.

In September of 2020, Tiffany officially launched her first business and apparel line, Curves & Cardio. Her unique and fashionable takes on plus size active wear earned her a stellar 5-figure 1st year with sales all over the US and internationally. She then used her past experiences to create By Tiffany Smith Blog. Vowing to help other black creators navigate though the rules of social media, Tiffany shares free tips online. Utilizing the insight gained over the years as a content creator, Tiffany created a boutique agency that supports small business owners and influencers. Her reputation for creating beautiful visuals and mastering social media strategy techniques has positioned her clients for success.

As a published model and blogger, Tiffany has visually promoted body self-love and fashion through her budget-friendly styling tips. As an influencer, she has proven that not even Meta can take her down! Tiffany is continually building a strong following of “Beauties” who tune in for advice, laughs, and empowerment. This undeniable force is just getting started, watch her WERK!