How To: Drink a Gallon of Water

Hey Beauties! Seriously, before I started drinking a gallon daily, I truly thought people that did, had super powers! Ha! I was struggling to get two small water bottles in a day, so the thought of drinking over 120 oz seemed impossible….until….I recognized this key factor. Watch my Hack: Join the highly anticipated 21-Day WellnessContinue reading “How To: Drink a Gallon of Water”

Weight Loss Survival Checklist

Hey Beauties, I get asked a lot what items I’ve purchased to be successful. So, I decided to make a quick shopping list with my top 10 items needed. Aannnnddddd because it’s ME, you know I added some cost efficient options to choose from. Full disclosure: I may receive a small commission for you utilizingContinue reading “Weight Loss Survival Checklist”

Waist “Trimmer” vs. Waist “Trainer”

Hey Beauties! One of the NUMBER 1 questions I get from my “Beauties” is what do I wear when I work out? Well, I created a full Youtube video just for YOU! I explain the main differences, which one I personally use to cut inches, and I show you how to wrap yourself properly. Yea,Continue reading “Waist “Trimmer” vs. Waist “Trainer””