Instagram Tutorial: Find 1st Instagram Post You EVER liked

Follow @bytiffanysmith for more #Instagram Tips 🙌🏾Considering that I’ve been on this app almost 10 years…I REALLY had throwbacks 😂 I decided to go through and re-liked and commented on my very first posts😍 I put the screen shot in my Stories, go look 👀 😍😂 Tag someone you’ve rocked with since Day 1 👀😍Continue reading “Instagram Tutorial: Find 1st Instagram Post You EVER liked”

Instagram Update: New LIVE Features

Another day, another #Instagram update 😩😂 The @creators blog announced a feature I’m really excited about. LIVE moderators 👏🏾👏🏾This feature can help you control your chat engagement: Questions, links, deleting rude/bot comments. Simply put, you can chose someone to help with the LIVE. Plus you can easily schedule lives for your audience. My “Social MediaContinue reading “Instagram Update: New LIVE Features”

Instagram Update: New Rank Of Importance Metrics

🗣SAVE THIS POST! ✨Instagram has revealed, the new way they rank importance of user actions. Now “saves” are number 1! Yes, vanity metrics such as “likes” still count but aren’t a huge factor as before. (That’s why you can now “hide” like counts) What does that mean for those wanting to grow their Instagram page?Continue reading “Instagram Update: New Rank Of Importance Metrics”

Small Business Spotlight

I’ve always felt that shopping small is a responsibility for us all. It circulates dollars on a local level. Additionally, as a small business myself, I know FIRST hand how impactful EACH sell is. Fashion Nova doesn’t care, in the grand scheme of things, when they make a sale. Me? I legit do a happyContinue reading “Small Business Spotlight”

Instagram Tutorial: Easy Jump Edit

Hey Beauties! One of my favorite parts about how social media is going is the ability to do cool videography from the comforts of your cell phone. Visuals are kinda my thang! Always have been and I’m happy to help break the process down in cool tutorials. Let’s start with an easy “jump” tutorial. Honestly,Continue reading “Instagram Tutorial: Easy Jump Edit”

Instagram Update: Chronological Feed

Hey Social Besties! Did you know that Instagram plans on bringing a “version” of the OG chronological feed back? How y’all feel? 🙌🏾 excited or 😒 over it??? The app has received harsh criticism over changing the chronological order for a more “interest based” algorithm. Finally, us old school Instagrammers may be able to rejoice with seeingContinue reading “Instagram Update: Chronological Feed”

How To: Drink a Gallon of Water

Hey Beauties! Seriously, before I started drinking a gallon daily, I truly thought people that did, had super powers! Ha! I was struggling to get two small water bottles in a day, so the thought of drinking over 120 oz seemed impossible….until….I recognized this key factor. Watch my Hack: Join the highly anticipated 21-Day WellnessContinue reading “How To: Drink a Gallon of Water”

Travel Hacks

🏝Let’s Talk Travel Hacks 🏝 I love to travel but everything I do is on a budget baby 🥴😩😂 We wanted to finally use the boys passports. They had the paperwork turned in by March but didn’t get them til September. It’s literally one of my bucket list items to get my kids out theContinue reading “Travel Hacks”