10 Best Lil’ Wayne Quotes

Hey Beauties, If you’ve been here a while, you may have noticed my love and fandom of Lil Wayne, Dewayne Carter…aka Lil’ Tunechi. I’ve used his music and quotes throughout my blogging since day one. Even my earlier videos had mixtape cuts running behind them. I made a short list of my favorite quotes. KeepContinue reading “10 Best Lil’ Wayne Quotes”

Androgyny for Plus-Size Women

Hey Beauties! I have wanted to go back to my roots lately. When I first started back in 2014, I created Youtube styling videos. Before I was an “official” blogger, I shared my love of fashion and how get great looks for next to no money. This was one of my videos that featured theContinue reading “Androgyny for Plus-Size Women”

Styling Tips with Tiff: Rainbow Bright

Hey Beauties! Welcome to styling tips with Tiff! My name is Tiffany Smith and I am a plus-size fashion blogger and small business owner. I know so many women want to know WHERE I purchased some of my fan-favorite items, this blog is here to help! This segment on my TikTok has been extremely popular,Continue reading “Styling Tips with Tiff: Rainbow Bright”

Small Business Spotlight

I’ve always felt that shopping small is a responsibility for us all. It circulates dollars on a local level. Additionally, as a small business myself, I know FIRST hand how impactful EACH sell is. Fashion Nova doesn’t care, in the grand scheme of things, when they make a sale. Me? I legit do a happyContinue reading “Small Business Spotlight”