30 Content Ideas & Prompts

Prompts Made Easy

Hey Social Fam!

I’ve compiled a list of prompts for your social media strategy, separated by category. Add this to your social content monthly planner for a winning strategy to get your brand in front of your targeted audience. Have a plan for your social media and utilize these free apps for your brand’s benefit. This list was created with small businesses new to social media in mind, especially if you are crafting visibility and authenticating your business.

Personal: Who are YOU? Let the audience see "behind the curtain" of your personality and business. 
Teachable Moment: What problem does your business solve? Teach your audience WHY they need to patron your business. 
Review: You ain't gotta brag, let your happy clients brag for you! Highlight those who LOVE your business and WHY they do.
Promo: Talk yo sh#+ ! Showcase what is happening with your brand, proudly share with the world all things YOU.
Passion: Share WHY you do what you do! Your audience wants to know what motivates you.
Entertainment: We all love good entertainment. Find trends that match with your brand to keep your audience engaged.
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