Small Business Spotlight

I’ve always felt that shopping small is a responsibility for us all. It circulates dollars on a local level. Additionally, as a small business myself, I know FIRST hand how impactful EACH sell is. Fashion Nova doesn’t care, in the grand scheme of things, when they make a sale. Me? I legit do a happy dance EVERY TIME! It hits different for me and other small businesses trying to make it. Here I will keep a running tab of my favorites in addition to the top 4 on my main page. These brands get the Tiffany Stamp of Approval.

  • Amazing Product
  • Good Customer Service
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Good bang for your Buck

Where you spend your hard earned money should matter! Choose to shop small at minimum 3 times a month, continue to circulate money where it matters.

Want me to feature your small business to my 55K+ collective followers? Me too! I’m choosing ONE small business per month to spotlight with FREE promotion and THREE small businesses a month to hold a spot on my main page! Want in? Send me a message or email using title: Small Business Spotlight.

Edge Control

My FAVORITE edge control from Glow Beauty Group! Use Tiffany20 at checkout for $$ OFF

Press On Nails

My FAVORITE Custom Press On Nails, these ain’t the ones we had in the 90’s baby we UPGRADED!


THE BEST candles hands down, bath & body who?? Hand poured and the sassy names set the vibe!

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