Instagram Tutorial: Easy Jump Edit

Hey Beauties!

One of my favorite parts about how social media is going is the ability to do cool videography from the comforts of your cell phone. Visuals are kinda my thang! Always have been and I’m happy to help break the process down in cool tutorials.

Let’s start with an easy “jump” tutorial. Honestly, this method can work with any bold movement. The Jump is just the easiest. What you need:

  1. Tripod or stationary spot for your phone.
  2. Cleaning cloth, wipe. Please wipe your lens prior to shooting.
  3. 2 different outfits; the more drastically different the better.
  4. Chalk, string, or something to mark your spot on the floor. Needs to be easy for you to see, not your audience so think small.
  5. Favorite editing app. Try InShot if you don’t have one on your phone.

I hope this tutorial helps! Remember to have fun and know that your editing skills will get better and better the more your practice!

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