Instagram Update: Chronological Feed

Hey Social Besties!

Did you know that Instagram plans on bringing a “version” of the OG chronological feed back? How y’all feel? 🙌🏾 excited or 😒 over it??? 
The app has received harsh criticism over changing the chronological order for a more “interest based” algorithm. Finally, us old school Instagrammers may be able to rejoice with seeing our timelines back to normal-ish. 
“Instagram confirmed it’s working on a chronological feed, with the “option to see posts from people you follow in chronological order.” The app will also add a “favorites” feed, which will surface posts from designated friends higher in the feed. Both feeds will be optional.” -Engadget 

Sound off in the comments…Are we feeling this new update? Or just sick and tired of these apps constantly changing?

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