5 Affirmations for Black Women in 2022

Hey Beauties,

I wanted to drop in and share 5 affirmations that I will be adding to 2022! A positive mindset is essential. If you’ve been with me since the BeauTIFFullyme days, I always said: “Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life” and I meant that!!!

  1. I must take care of myself in order to take care of those I love.
  2. I am worthy of good things, I deserve them.
  3. I attract success.
  4. I am thriving in abundance. Progression not perfection.
  5. I will no longer settle for less, I deserve more.
  6. Adjust your crown and tackle 2022.
  7. Sis, just breathe. There’s no award for overworked woman of the year.

Comment which affirmation you needed most and make sure to share and tag a friend who could use a friendly reminder.

Until Next Time…


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