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🏝Let’s Talk Travel Hacks 🏝

I love to travel but everything I do is on a budget baby 🥴😩😂 We wanted to finally use the boys passports. They had the paperwork turned in by March but didn’t get them til September. It’s literally one of my bucket list items to get my kids out the country. I couldn’t be happier that I snagged an all-inclusive resort for a family of four (cheaper than one PS5 + Game 💅🏾) in the beautiful Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I’m sharing 3 of my favorite travel tips to save you $$$ your next trip:

1. NEVER pay for selected seats when you travel with minors. I guarantee the airline will sit you together. Think about the possible liability involved by having your child next to a stranger. They want no problems, lol. Trust. I’ve used this tip 5 times and the day of each trip the airline put me and the boys together free of charge without me even asking. Different airlines, same result.

2. Set alerts on apps like Hooper or my favorite Google Flights to track the areas you would like to visit with a range of dates you’d prefer. These alarms will alert of when the price drops, days cheapest to travel, and give you insight on when prices will rise. Good info to have

3. Be Flexible! I know traveling for your birthday sounds lit but being so focused on a particular date will hurt you. Traveling on “off” days, like Monday or Tuesday can save you thousands. Being open to leaving early morning or a few days before/after your big celebration can help you grab a good deal. For example, Jr birthday landed on Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas is a few weeks away. Us traveling during those times would’ve made this trip costly. Instead, us traveling the first week of December saved us money and let us enjoy travel without the crowds or price tag.

BONUS: Have a travel fund. Simply putting away $50 a paycheck can stack into a nice travel budget. If you’re tracking your area (tip 2) when a deal drops, you can quickly pay for it without worrying about payday. I set up my direct deposit to send $$ to a separate account. Payday I don’t “feel” it and since I don’t stay logged onto that account I’m able to “forget” about until it’s time to use it. This tip alone has changed the travel game for me.

If these tips helped, drop a comment or emoji on my Instagram. I’ll share more of my travel hacks!

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