Issa Wig, Sis!

Hey Beauties,

As we approach PEAK protective style season, IYKYK, I wanted to spin the block and share my favorite wig details with you. I am ALWAYS asked about my hair, it’s truly my staple piece. People know me from these curls, Chile!

First and foremost, make sure you follow my social media pages so you ALWAYS get the details of my looks, inspiration, and tips! Ok, now let’s get into this hair. It’s an affordable synthetic wig that I simply order over and over again. At the low price of $17, I can afford to look good all year round. This wig is perfect for the Fall and Winter months due to the bang element. I’ll admit it gets hot under this wig in Spring & Summer. GiGi Wig by Sensationnel Wigs is Bae! I typically order from wig or, whichever is cheapest at the time. The price fluctuates between $15-$24 at times, so I wait it out then order a few at the cheapest price. LOL!

Wig includes combs and I use a wig band for extra security. I am a big girl, tall and plus size, so this big wig fits my frame and face perfectly. However, if you are more petite or have a cute little head, you may need to trim it because this wig is BIG. For me this Big curves + Big body combo WERKS!

I did a full review a few years ago on my BeautTIFFullyme Youtube Channel. Check it out below and grab your wig, Sis! Sharing is caring so send this post to a friend, to tell a friend.

GiGi Wig by Sensationnel

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