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You probably noticed the major changes within Instagram. Lots were announced recently in their attempt to compete with TikTok, another major social media platform. Some examples include: No longer a photo platform, it prefers video. Reels are being boosted more than any other content. Saves were changed to a 3 step process, now back to the original share option. Along with algorithm changes left and right. Whew! Business owners and influencers utilizing the app for brand identity and growth find the app more difficult in recent months more than ever.

 With the various changes, the robot accounts seem to be on a rampage. They love to make random comments on posts taking up hard-worked content comment space. The au-damn-dacity!!! I wanted to share 2 ways to eliminate the pesky bots so you have time to engage with your real audience. 

Did you know that Instagram has measures in place to help stop the bot? Watch the quick tutorial below on how to rid yourself of robot spammers.  

Yep! There are 2 major ways to get rid of robot spammers, blocking and hidden words. 

  1. At least once a month, I put in a random character from my follower list and quickly weed through any spam pages. Instagram now allows you to block pages AND any new page they may create with the same contact info. Start with letters like u-q-x as many user names are based on more popular letters. Work your way through. Remember, to boost engagement the number of followers interacting with you means more than your follower count. 
  2. Add words to your hidden word lists. Make a list of common “robot words” like: promote, like, follow, and any other words you say most often. Update as needed.

Watch the quick tutorial below on how to stop them bots because they are high-key aggy A.F. I hope this helps! Follow the blog for more FREE content tips! Check out my other social media solutions below!

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