Androgyny for Plus-Size Women

Hey Beauties!

I have wanted to go back to my roots lately. When I first started back in 2014, I created Youtube styling videos. Before I was an “official” blogger, I shared my love of fashion and how get great looks for next to no money. This was one of my videos that featured the styling concept of Androgynous Style, which is a blend of masculine and feminine:

Creating looks for under $50 head to toe was my specialty!!! I absolutely loved bringing it back! Want to know who I think are style icons who did androgynous trend correctly? My top 3: Prince, Aaliyah, and Aryan Davenport of Queens N’ Lettos.

Plus-size bodies had to fight for the inclusion, having stylish pieces for our body shapes, and having widely available garments we can shop for in-store. Because of it all, we have not had the luxury of having the androgynous trend to ourselves. Now that there are more styling and fashion opportunities, I felt it was an excellent time to bring this old style back. Check out the photos and cute video nod below. I tag everything so you can snag the look for under $50!

The Breakdown – Get My Look!

  1. Frames: I snagged these from Fabuleyes, put any dramatic pair will do! Check clearance sections of stores, since it’s “out of season.”
  2. Bralette/Decorative Bra: FREE! Wear your cutest bra and pull your top down a bit to feature it! I used a bodysuit but a tank top works great too!
  3. Blazer: FREE! From my husband’s closet! LOL!Thrift stores offer blazers for as little as $3. Oversized is the look you want. Ask the men you love to borrow!
  4. Track pants: Grabbed these from Rose’s Discount store in the MEN’S department. Remember, there arestyle solutions EVERYWHERE!
  5. Clutch: This thrifted clutch was FREE for me, but purses at the thrift store are under $5. Rack up on cute, eclectic pieces!
  6. Heels: These Ego heels were perfect! I snagged these heels on a $19.99 deal. Remember to ALWAYS sign up for email alerts at your favorite stores, so you get notifications of the sales!

If you loved this under $50 haul, let me know!!! I’ll do more 🙂 Overstand me, style changes the game, not the cost of each garment.

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