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I’m gearing up to start rolling out fresh new content on my brand new WordPress.com website! *Fan Girl Scream* LOL, I wanted to update you ALL on the process. The Business Plan has worked wonders for streamlining my business needs: bookings, content, links, and videos all in one beautiful space. No matter what kind of business you run or want to start, the WordPress.com Business Plan gives you everything you need to publish your work, sell your products, or grow your audience online. 

I strive to keep it ONE HUNNIT at all times about the behind-the-scenes of the “pretty pictures” that I post. I must say the 24-hour tech support, tutorials, and beautiful navigation have been a game-changer. I have never had something so streamlined for my business and it truly has elevated my brand. ByTiffanySmith and my athletic brand, CurvesCardio.Com have received the glow up of the year!

I already shared the nitty-gritty behind my need for a website. If you missed the TEA, catch up HERE. Joining WordPress.com has been such a positive experience backed with ease. The Business plan gives you everything you love about WordPress, delivered in a way that you can “set it and forget it.” For example, if you enjoy putting words on the web, but don’t much like tinkering with technology and paying attention to important but boring-to-some issues like security and updates, WordPress.com is great because it allows you to do the “fun stuff” — share ideas, customize your site, etc. — while trusting your host, WordPress.com, to do the “boring stuff.” And then if you get confused or something goes wrong, you know that WordPress.com has smart, real humans who can help you make sense of the tech-talk and figure it all out.

I find it so silly, that I prolonged updating my website for YEARS out of fear of trying to create a website that was too difficult ––the dread of hiring someone to create a masterpiece with a hefty price tag. I wish I had known then, what I know now. Not only is WordPress.com efficient and easy to use but affordable too! Plus, WordPress.com makes it easy to import your existing website if you’re coming from another service provider. 

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