Weight Loss Survival Checklist

Hey Beauties,

I get asked a lot what items I’ve purchased to be successful. So, I decided to make a quick shopping list with my top 10 items needed. Aannnnddddd because it’s ME, you know I added some cost efficient options to choose from. Full disclosure: I may receive a small commission for you utilizing my links, however, that is at no cost to you. 

1. Blender – I make fruit smoothies and protein shakes daily.

2. Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cups – Measure EVERYTHING for accuracy

3. Scale – Weekly weigh ins, digital scale is best

4. Measuring Tape – To grab measurements throughout

5. Waist Trimmer – Perfect for cutting water and shaping figure

6. Large Water Cup – You CAN NOT lose weight without drinking water

7. Step Tracker – Apple or Fitbit

8. Work Out Clothes– Shop my line! Plus clothing that moves!

9. Sports Bra– Shop my line! Sports bras for larger breasts!

10. Candles – Trust me! Shop Small Owned!

Bonus – Small planner/notebook. If you’re like me, you enjoy writing things in one place and making it visually pleasing. Remember you’ll need somewhere to actively write your goals.

 I’m NOT a licensed physician, however, I am a woman who has found success in losing weight. The beginning of your weight-loss journey is so critical. Having a system in place that allows you flexibility and grace is high-key important. Allow me to be YOUR training wheels to weight loss. Meal plans + At-Home Workouts + Daily Accountability + Tutorials to explain the “Why” behind the “what” of losing weight. Join me for just $21!

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