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“It’s a celebration! CLAP, CLAP, Bravo!” – Drake

So Boom! Some of you may have noticed my name change from Beautiffullyme to By Tiffany Smith. This was a VERY hard decision and came about for two reasons:

1. Facebook & Instagram temporarily blocked my website, my hashtags, and the ability to share my content across ALL my platforms. Why? Because I shared too many BLM posts and used associated hashtags when the untimely death of Ahmaud Aubrey occurred. Since my Instagram has a nice following, those posts had really high re-shares, they muted me while investigating if I was apart of a terrorist organization. Yep! You read that right: Body positive, encouraging posts, goofy meme, plus fashion Queen, big wig wearing me. They put on mute.

2. It was time. I honestly never did the “business” or “back end” part of blogging correctly. As a creative, I had the juice when it comes to what was trendy and great content but struggled at keeping the official bits going. My blog was failing in more ways than one.

I had a choice once they released my page: to rebuild everything and keep struggling on the blogging end of my brand or lose a name that I’ve had from the beginning and start over. I made the necessary decision to start over all while starting my business Although, at the time I was devastated, it has proven to be the best decision that I’ve made in my career as a creative.

I’ve done the hard work in turning my ideas into a full functioning brand. Curves & Cardio helps women around the world find insight when it comes to weight loss strategies, find confidence when it comes to cute athletic wear, and find a sense of community linking up with other women who understand the struggle. I legit love it here!

I’m so excited to team up with managed hosting services! The features and functionality this site provides is a true upgrade from the past providers I used. I never had something so nice yet so easy to use and I could kick myself for not transitioning over sooner. *internally screaming* With my personal website is hosted, secure, flexible, supported, and fast. Better late than never as I type my first blog under my new name it feels GOOD! Yes, I spelled that right! LOL! I can’t take all the credit tho, the incredible one-on-one support via email and chat from experts has truly helped me.

I want this blog post to inspire you! Inspire you to ensure you have a platform of your own, even if your social media is booming, because those pages aren’t YOURS. I want to inspire you to bet on yourself and write the blog, finish that book, start that YouTube, because your options for success and sharing your talents are limitless. Lastly but never least, I want to inspire you to love yourself enough to pivot and be uncomfortable when those choices are BEST for you.

“That ‘L’ is like the ‘S’ on my chest because it got me through it!” I’ve taken soooo many quiet L’s. 

I’m so excited to share that I get to extend an amazing offer to my Beauties! 20% off your 1st year of using my coupon code: Tiffany20! That’s right! I teamed up with to deliver the “Champagne Taste, Discount Wine Budget” mindset as you all are shifting your goal focus, revamping your ideas, and finding your new “home”. No matter what kind of website or business you run or want to start, the Business Plan gives you everything you need to publish your work, sell your products, or grow your audience online. Plus with, I’m able to continue to grow my brand and you can too! The Business plan gives business owners and freelancers a complete and flexible website that can grow with you in a number of ways, whether you need to add tools for marketing your business, ecommerce or selling online, running a community, offering subscriptions and memberships, and more. The fact is that with you own your content forever! From one creative to another, this truly matters.

To all of my loyal Beauties, you are appreciated more than you’ll ever know! Even with the blocks and pivot, I’m still able to make a living doing what I love and that’s not lost on me. That holds weight and I’m so blessed to be here walking in spaces I’ve dreamed of. My brand is growing at an impressive rate and I KNOW it’s all due to your love and support! I’ve taken some blows but that lose or that ‘L’ is like the ‘S’ on my chest because it got me through it! I’ve taken so many quiet ‘L’s. This time is different! I’m loudly sharing my rebuild and with business plan on my side, I’m high key destined to win! Stay tuned for MORE tips, DIY’s, family tips, and all things TIFFANY!

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