Baby Hairs…or Grown Folk Follicles?

Hey Beauties,

So let’s talk about “baby hairs”…. “edges”… the hair lays at the front of your hairline. EDGES! If you are a woman of color, chances are you’ve had this conversation, and you know exactly what I’m referring to. *Z snaps to the melanin*

Edges are significant to black culture and rightfully so. Our hair has so many historical ties, and such rich cultural significance and maintaining sleek and smooth tresses can be a touchy subject to some. Especially when you get into comparing the European beauty standards vs. our culturally appropriated hairstyles.

With that said, I recognize that my natural hair–in its natural state is beautiful. My curls, my naps, all dat! BEAUTIFUL. However, smooth edges is a choice that I love to add to particular hairstyles. It’s my way of adding that finishing “razzle-dazzle” of the look.

Since I received so many compliments about my baby hairs and asked countless times to suggest the best edge tamers, I figured that I’d combine both requests in one video. I listed my top three edge tamers, along with my full review of each company. You can use the link below to go directly to the companies web page. This post is not sponsored in the slightest; I just wanted to share my personal favorites with you all. Obviously, Glow Edge Control is my FAVORITE! Use my code: Tiffany20 Test out my method and add your experience to my YouTube post! Which out of the three brands is your favorite?

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